Work with me

Does any of this sound like you?

⭑ You’ve spent years trying to control the size and shape of your body, only to end up feeling frustrated and defeated. You feel out of control or obsessed with food.  You’re afraid you’ll never stop binge eating.

⭑ You feel disconnected from your body.  You don’t even know what it means to feel hungry, or full, let alone satisfied.You’ve lost and gained and lost and regained (and maybe gained some more) the same 20, 30, 50, 100 pounds. You have a list of things that you’ll finally do, or wear, when your body is different, thinner, better.

⭑ You feel shame and remorse around your body. You scrutinize your body, only seeing the things you wish you could change when you look in the mirror. You feel like it’s all your fault.

⭑ You’re tired of the obsession.  You’re tired of feeling like it’s your fault.  You’re tired of feeling like you don’t measure up.  You’re tired of trying so damn hard.

I get it. I’ve been there. And you know what?  It’s not your fault.  Not at all.

It’s not your fault, and you don’t have to keep going on like this.  There is another path.  A path where you and your body re-build trust around food, and you learn to listen to the wisdom of your body.  A path of deep connection with self.  A path of self compassion.  A path of finding there are so many ways to thrive in the world that don’t involve a number on a scale.  There are thousands of us on this path, of all shapes and sizes, all walks of life. Want to join us?


I currently work with individuals over the phone or video conferencing program. Here’s how I like to work.

  • We ‘ll set up a free, 30 minute consultation call to get to know each other, answer any questions you have, and see if we’re a good fit. I like my clients to commit to six sessions so they can really get a feel for Body Trust.
  • If you’re ready to move forward, you’ll fill out and return a detailed food and body history.
  • We’ll have a 90 minute intake call where we go over your food and body history.
  • We’ll have weekly or every other week meetings.  Your story, your life, will be the guide as we move forward.  I believe that we are all our own best healers. I’ll bring my training, intuition, information, tools, support, guidance, listening and reflecting skills, and a deep commitment to holistic, whole person healing to help us.  I also have peer reviewed, academic research papers that support this model if you want them. But you, your story, and your body will be at the center of this work.
  • I work on sliding scale basis to make sure I am able to reach people who don’t have a ton of resources.  As I am beginning my work in this field, while I am confident in both my skills and knowledge, also want to offer services that are commensurate with my experience.  I currently charge $30-$60 per individual session depending on household income and expenditures.  You’ll have an opportunity to indicate your preferred rate in your intake form.
  • Ready to get started?  Contact me and I’ll be in touch (usually within 24 hours). Let’s talk.