About me


Who is Mikalina?

Body Trust Warrior. Fat Studies Scholar. Healer. Helper. Writer. Speaker. Guide.

I am a queer, white, fat, middle-aged, middle-class, married, childless, woman.  I was introduced to Health at Every Size® in 2014 and immediately knew that I had found a powerful new paradigm of wellness and social justice. I am a passionate advocate for the Health at Every Size movement.  I love supporting people as they find their path to healing.

INFJ. Sagittarius sun, Virgo moon, Virgo rising. I believe that no one is free when others are oppressed. My favorite color is purple. My favorite shape is spiral.



Portland State University

B.S. in Women’s Studies, graduated summa cum laude 2017.
Studied intersectional feminism, self-specialized in fat studies.
Course highlights include Gender and Body Image, Complexities of Gender Expression, Embracing Size Diversity.
Teacher’s Assistant for Gender and Body Image and Feminist Comedy.
For senior project conducted qualitative, interview based research asking women who embrace a Health at Every Size® (HAES)  lifestyle what they considered to be the most important outside influences in their transition to, and sustaining a HAES lifestyle while living in a diet-centric culture.


Be Nourished Training Institute

Certified Body Trust® Provider, 2017.

Completed a six-month intensive training course for designed for professional helpers, advocates, educators, and activists who want to work with people from a deeply embodied, weight-inclusive approach, compassionate place.  Body Trust is rooted in Health at Every Size®, Intuitive Eating, Motivational Interviewing, the shame resilience work of Brene Brown, awareness and self compassion practices and more.  I am a proud member of the first cohort to graduate from the Body Trust Provider training.  The training and relationships I have received from doing this have been life-changing.  


Work Experience

Body Trust® Guide

Self-Employed, Portland, Oregon August 2017-Present www.mikalinakirkpatrick.com

I work with individuals and groups to provide education about and support around the Body Trust framework.  

I meet with individuals to teach them the tenets of Body Trust, and support them as they navigate away from a diet based approach to food and body and embrace the alternative paradigm of Body Trust.  I also facilitate group workshops based on Be Nourished’s Exploring Body Trust curriculum.  Helping people find trust in their own inner wisdom and bodies is incredibly rewarding.  It is the work I am meant to do.  

Little Bird Technologies, Co-founder, Portland, Oregon 2011-2015

I co-founded a small software company that is at its heart, a search engine for subject matter experts, along with my husband and a technical co-founder.  I was the company’s first COO and Product Manager and was a key player in raising two  million dollars of seed funding and the the company’s first million dollars of revenue.  Once the company grew to the point that it was clear it needed leadership with more corporate experience, I left to go back to school.  The company was later sold to a larger software company.  


Public Speaking Experience

SXSW Interactive Conference. Austin, TX.  2013, panelist, “Startup Operations; The Lone Rangers of Tech.”

National University of Naturopathic Medicine. Portland Oregon. 2016, panelist, “Making a case for weight-neutral health care.”

Oregon State University. Corvallis, Oregon. 2017. Guest lecturer, PSY 466, Fat Studies, Prof. Patti-Lou Watkins. “My big, fat journey to size acceptance.”

Be Nourished. Portland, Oregon. 2017, 2018. Panelist, “Client panel for Body Trust Provider training retreats.”


Conference Posters

5th Annual Weight Stigma Conference. Prague, Czechia. 2017. Poster Presentation “A little help from my friends: Community and shame resilience help women adopt a body trust lifestyle.”


Other Activities

Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH). August 2017-Present. 2018 Conference Planning Committee co-chair.

Be Nourished. Intern. March 2017-January 2018 & Community Manager. January 2018-Present. Provide support in online courses, help with social media strategy, special projects, and administrative assistance.

The Moon Remembers Herbal Skin Bliss Salve. I make herb-infused olive oil and beeswax skin salve that is specially formulated to combat some of the skin issues, sometimes known as “chub rub” that arise in women of size.  I teach workshops on salve making, self care, and combating internalized weight stigma.

Fat and Size Acceptance Community Building I believe that engaging in fat community is vital for deconstructing internalized fat-phobia, and living an engaged and full life as a large person in a fat-phobic world. I love coming together with other fat folks in various parts of their size acceptance journeys (and allies, too) in various forms.  Whether it’s attending a Chunky Dunk swimming event, shopping at the local fat-friendly consignment store, or carpooling for a group hike with Fat Girls Hiking, I love being a part of and helping foster supportive fat community!