Welcome, I’m glad you’re here

My name is Mikalina Kirkpatrick.

I am a helper, writer, speaker, scholar, warrior, healer, teacher, guide.

I am passionate about helping people heal their relationships with food and their bodies. I am also a Be Nourished Certified Body Trust® Provider.

I work with individuals over the phone or video and I lead Exploring Body Trust® Groups using curriculum developed by Hilary Kinavey and Dana Sturtevant, my teachers, and founders of Be Nourished.  My training is grounded in the time-tested, and well-researched models of Health at Every Size® and Intuitive Eating. Be Nourished has identified five core competencies of Body Trust® Wellness that sum up the model well:

  • Practice weight-neutral self care
  • Eat Intuitively
  • Move your body joyfully
  • Nurture self-compassion
  • Redefine success

You can read more about the Body Trust® core competencies on the Be Nourished website.

Once, we all knew how to follow the wisdom of our bodies to nourish ourselves — watch a baby or toddler eat, drink, and play, and you will see Body Trust in action.  But we live in a culture that starts pulling us away from this deep wisdom — we are told there is only one good kind of body: a thin one.  We are encouraged to diet, to restrict. We lose track of our own senses of hunger and fullness, our eating becomes disordered. Many of us diet and lose weight initially, only to gain the weight back (and more) when we can no longer deprive our living bodies of sustenance.  We lose trust of food, and we lose trust of ourselves.  We think it’s our fault (It’s not!). We can lose touch with so much of ourselves, our wisdom, our knowing, our sense of self and purpose, because we are taught by our culture to fear and distrust our own bodies.  But it’s all still there, waiting to be found again.

You can be free from food and body obsession. Your body is waiting for you to come home.  You and your story will lead the way, and I will be your guide, shining a light on your path forward.  Want to learn more? Or ready to start the journey? Contact me, and let’s talk!


Body Trust® is a registered trademark of Be Nourished, LLC.